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the band: (original lineup)
Andrew Broder.....turntables, guitar, keyboards, drumkit
Martin Dosh.....drum kit, Rhodes, keyboards
JG Everest.....guitar, keyboard, percussion
Bryan Olson.....guitar, keyboard, percussion

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the sound:

"...electrifying fusioneering explosions which scorch the tedium of the post rock set with sheer ambition and invention..." New Musical Express

"...a rich texture of moody & soulful ambiance..." Minneapolis Star Tribune

"The instrumental creations make for a spiritual journey through a forest of pretty, haunting sounds...incredibly moving tunes."
St. Paul Pioneer Press

"Waves of static expanding and contracting...cosmic melodiousness."
City Pages

"A raw, atmospheric sonic wave that pulsates across the room."
Developing Arts & Music

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the history:
Formed in Minneapolis in 1999, lateduster was originally an instrumental sextet called cropduster, with a symmetrical lineup of two guitars, two full drum kits and two DJs on 4 turntables. By the beginning of 2000, they had pared themselves down to a 4-piece and began honing their unique textural sound into intricately arranged chamber music. In 2000, they recorded and released the first of 3 "handmade" eps, independently released on their own Firetrunk Records label. In 2002, the best tracks from these early recordings were remastered and compiled on a new full-length record, Lateduster, that included 2 newly recorded songs. During the summer and fall of 2002 the band completed an all-new CD entitled five easy pieces, released Nov 2002, also on Firetrunk.  Over the winter of 2002-2003, the band continued working on it's 3rd CD, a new original soundtrack to the 1925 silent German Expressionist film Variete, which they performed live at the SOUNDUNSEEN film festival in 2001.   In April 2003, the DUST released it's first DVD, a collaborative project with choreographer Emily Johnson, and her company CATALYST, entitled Plain Old Andrea, With A Gun.   In 2004, MERCK Records released EASY PIECES internationally to wide acclaim. As all four members continue to work on their other projects, they continue to work on Variete, which they hope to release in 2006.

NME live review (from London show)


City Pages Article

CDs Reviewed

MPR Interview (audio)

           lateduster s/t 
                                                               five easy pieces
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discography & mp3s: (click title for info)
"ep1" (11/2000)
"ep2" (3/2001)
"ep3" (8/2001)

"lateduster" (self-titled) (10/2002)
"five easy pieces" (11/2002)
"Plain Old Andrea, With A Gun" (4/2003)

"EASY PIECES" (9/2004

"ep3 is close to electronic lounge music but is too dramatically emotional to just sit in the background. The unique blend of musical styles may seem like a loose interpretation of several different kinds of music, but it gives [lateduster] the flexibility to continually foster experimentation."
- Developing Arts & Music Foundation

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